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What makes James Ranch “grass-finished” beef special?

Our beef is 100% grass fed—eating only mother’s milk, plants and grasses from grazing or hay, all of its life. Our beef animals do not receive any form of growth stimulants or antibiotics. They feed and live in areas free from insecticides and herbicides.

Our cattle come from a base of the Red Angus breed and are of moderate size and grow fast on grass. We process our beef at an age of 18-30 months of age, striving for maximum marbling, tenderness and flavor. We only process our beef when it is eating fresh, green grasses therefore making our split halves, halves, and whole beef available only from July thru November. All our beef is frozen. Individual cuts are available year around at our Ranch Market or at Markets and Restaurants listed here.

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Animas Valley Ranch | Special Beef | JR Steak