James Ranch Artisan Cheese

The girls, as we like to call them, have a very good life. During our milking season, they are milked once per day. They meet us at the gate for morning milking and then wander up through the oaks to the milking barn. We have a New Zealand-style milking barn which is open on three sides.

The girls look out over the ranch while being milked in our open-air barn.

After morning milking they hustle back down to the pastures where they are given a fresh paddock of cool season grasses and clover. They always have plenty of clean water, fresh air, and sunshine!

When they are full of grass and have taken a good drink they lay down to digest in the sun. The eating, drinking, resting, digesting pattern is repeated many times through out the day.

Jo, Alice, and Gwen at about 1 month old.

They are given another fresh paddock of pasture in the early evening.