James Ranch Artisan Cheese




Q: Why grass?
We only feed our cows grass and hay because it is better for the land, better for the animals and better for you.

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Q: How is grazing the cows better for the land?
We rotate our herd twice daily during our grazing season (May-November). This method of management prevents over grazing and creates vigorous grass and clover.
The cows are only allowed to clip the grass to the proper level to stimulate new growth. This keeps them moving and distributing their natural fertilizer around the pasture. By the time they return to that pasture (30 days later), the grass has regrown and is ready for a new clipping.
Using this method, we improve soil health (lots of micro-organisms), water quality (no erosion), and the nutritional content of the grass (keeping the grass at its most palatable life stage).
By eliminating our reliance on grain, we also reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, which are used in the production and transport of grains.

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Dolly leads the way to evening milking.

Q: How is grazing better for the animals?
Our animals have a much longer life span than those in a conventional dairying system. We feed them what nature intended them to eat – grass. On this natural diet, the cows are healthier and happier. Cows from conventional dairies spend most of their lives on concrete and thus are culled at an early age for foot and leg problems. Our cows spend their time doing their job… creating milk from lush pastures.
We only milk while the cows are on grass (May – November). The seasonality of our operation gives the cows a good break from producing milk and ensures that only the highest quality, grass-produced milk goes into our cheese. The very low stress level of our grass-only system makes cow health problems very rare. In our milking system, production is secondary to milk quality. Therefore, rbST (production enhancement hormone) is not and will never be used.

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Q: How is grazing better for me?
While many are in agreement that dairy products, meat, and eggs from animals on pasture are much healthier for consumers than factory-farm produced food, we continue to focus on the goal of making an extremely delicious cheese. It just so happens that the values and beliefs that drive us also make products which have no residues from chemical pesticides, fertilizers, hormones (rbST), or antibiotics. Our animals are raised the way nature intended (on grass), and therefore produce a healthier, more flavorful cheese. Our cheese not only has a richer, more complex flavor that reflects the particular legumes or grasses the cows have been eating, but has boosted levels of CLA, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and E, and beta carotene.
We invite you to visit www.eatwild.com to learn more about all of the good things products from grass-only operations bring to you, the land, and the animals.