The James Ranch Hens and their Four Roosters have the Life!

These chickens spend the light of day cruising through the James Ranch tree farm looking for insects and earthworms, dine on hand delivered local grains, take their daily dust bath in the shade of the spruce trees, drink from the clean water of the Animas River, lay their eggs in nest boxes lined with native grasses, and most importantly are protected from coyotes, foxes and bobcats by their very own burro, Xena.

By late afternoon these ladies have laid their daily eggs and it is time for the humans involved to collect, hand wash and sort.  The multi-colored eggs create a pallet of natural hues not to be ignored.

The hens are never in one place for long, because the clever humans that attend to them put their summer bungalow on skids so it can be moved often among the rows of spruce trees providing them with fresh grass to eat and a plethora of bugs to chase down.

Pasturing is the traditional method of raising egg-laying hens and other poultry. It is ecologically sustainable, humane, and produces the tastiest, most nutritious eggs; eggs from pastured hens contain up to 2 times more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than those of their less fortunate cousins, factory hens.

Not only do we all love eating these fresh, nutrient dense, clean eggs laid by such fortunate chickens, it is an absolute pleasure working with them and witnessing their healthy, clean, and protected lives.

chickens taking their daily dust bath