local beef at james ranch

Join us every Thursday for GATHER Four-course, plated dinners prepared by our talented culinary team, read more.

Regular Hours (October through End of May): Wednesday-Sunday 10am-6pm (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

Holiday Season Hours: Christmas:
Both Market and Grill Open Christmas Eve until 3pm
Market and Grill Closed Christmas (Saturday 25th)
Market Open Sunday December 26th
Grill NOT open Sunday December 26th

New Years:
Both Market and Grill Open New Years Eve until 3pm
Both Market and Grill Open New Year's Day, Sat 1st
Both Market and Grill Open Sun 2nd

Always closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Regenerative. Family. Harmony.

James Ranch is ten miles north of Durango, Colorado in the beautiful Animas River Valley. We offer 100% grass fed and finished beef, whey-fed pork, artisan cheese and raw milk from 100% grass-fed, grazing Jersey cows, eggs produced from pastured hens, a spruce tree nursery, an regenerative vegetable and flower garden, and a thriving grill and market. Busy families, who utilize regenerative growing practices, bustle in the day-to-day operation of the ranch and their enterprises.