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Tours at James Ranch

Tours at James Ranch are back for 2023!

We have several options for experiencing and learning about what we do as 21st century stewards of our regenerative ranch.

james ranch tours

Walking Tours:

Starting Saturday, June 4th at 9:00am and every Saturday until September 10th, we will guide guests on an approximately 3 mile walking tour that starts at the dairy barn where the cows are being milked. From there we will tour the gardens to see the beautiful flowers of Mountain Belle and the renowned James Ranch sugar snap peas in their tended beds. On our mile long hike to the heart of the ranch, we'll get the chance to see how regenerative, chemical-free agriculture creates immense biodiversity in both the plant and animal realms. You will learn a lot and have ample opportunity to ask questions of an experienced guide about regenerative agriculture, our methods, and some history of the valley and our family. By the time we get back to the restaurant and market, the grill will be hot and ready for those who want to stay for lunch. Appropriate walking shoes, water, and sunscreen or a hat are strongly recommended.

james ranch tours

Bike Tours:

Introducing bike tours! This is a way to see more of the ranch in the same amount of time as a walking tour. Bring your own bike every other Thursday at 9:00 am starting June 2nd, as we follow the same route as the walking tour but go further into the ranch (approximately a 4 mile bike ride) with the ability to see most of the ranch as well as new developments in making our ranch more responsibly productive. Along the way, we will likely encounter livestock, wildlife and ranch helpers. The tour will return to the restaurant and market, via an uphill grade, just in time for lunch at the James Ranch Grill.

This tour requires the participants to provide their own bike and understand that we are riding on ranch roads make of dirt, gravel and river rock. Helmets, sunscreen, comfortable clothes, water and appropriate shoes are all strongly suggested for this tour.

Cart Tours:

While we do intend to have our electric cart for tours, at this time the cart is experiencing technical difficulties. Once we have it up and going again, we will update the website for ticket sales.

Self-Guided Tours:

We are offering a free and updated self-guided tour around the public area of the Market and Grill. New information, new presentation and a "Find Speckles' Chicks" scavenger hunt. Make this an interactive experience suitable for small children and adults of all ages. This is a great way to be introduced to all aspects of the James Ranch operations from family history to regenerative grazing.

Pop-Up Tours:

Every summer we are blessed with unique opportunities and visitors who bring their expertise and experience to the ranch when they pay us a visit. We are looking forward to these spontaneous opportunities and will notify folks via our social media and the email newsletter when they are available. Click here to be on the email newsletter list.

james ranch tours

School Tours:

Tours for school aged children, homeschoolers and other educator-led groups will be offered by Gunther Ott through the James Ranch Homestead School.